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At Wild + Rooted, our mission is to unlock the timeless wisdom of nature and honor our ancestral roots to empower holistic well-being. We are dedicated to providing natural, high-quality herbal remedies and products that embody the healing traditions of our ancestors. By blending ancient knowledge with modern research, we aim to nurture and restore balance in mind, body, and spirit. Through our commitment to sustainability and community, we strive to inspire a deeper connection with nature and promote the profound wisdom passed down through generations.

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MediNatura Clearlife Allergy 100tab

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Contains fifteen active allergy-relievers. This formula is designed boldly and comprehensively to provide maximum relief … from a wider range of allergies … in all geographic regions … on both outdoor and indoor allergies … day and night. New ClearLife Extra Strength contains over 50% more actives than regular-strength ClearLife. If you were to purchase each of these homeopathic ingredients individually, it would cost almost $200!

Active Ingredients in ClearLife Allergy Tablets – EXTRA STRENGTH

Active Ingredient Purpose
Natural Allium cepa Runny nose, allergic rhinitis, sneezing
Natural Ambrosia artemisiaefolia Itchy watery eyes due to ragweed
Natural Apis melifica Allergic eczema, itchy skin
Natural Arnica montana Itchy skin
Natural Euphrasia officinalis Eye allergy symptoms, headache
Natural Galphimia glauca Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes
Natural Graphites Minor skin irritation
Histaminum hydrochloricum Stuffy nose, sinus pressure, itching, sneezing, hives
Natural Pix liquidia Eczema, itchy scaly skin
Natural Pusatila Itchy nose and eyes
Natural Sabadilla Itchy watery eyes, runny nose
Natural Sulphur Eczema, itchy scaly skin
Sulphuricam acidum Scratchy itchy skin
Natural Telurium metalicum Watery itchy eyes
Natural Thuja occidentalis Stuffy nose

TOTAL ALLERGY RELIEF -- ClearLife Extra Strength tablets relieve: Allergic eczema, runny itchy nose, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, allergic rhinitis, hay fever & ragweed allergies, nasal congestion & sinus pressure, itchy throats and allergy-related headaches.

RELIEF 24/7 -- Non-natural allergy medicines can causer drowsiness (not great in the day). Others cause jitteriness or anxiety (not great at night). Natural ClearLife has none of these side effects so it’s great day and night. Fast-acting tablets for convenient relief whenever symptoms start. Safe to be taken daily, or as needed during symptom flare ups. No known interactions with your other medications.

FDA – Our FDA-inspected facility strictly follows the FDA’s pharmaceutical quality standards.

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Modern Research.

Embracing Ancestral Roots.

Wild + Rooted Holistic Health is a health & wellness boutique located in Oxford, Michigan that provides the highest quality supplements, body care, and other health and wellness products. We are locally owned and operated which means that we have complete control over what goes on our shelves. Unlike big-box, chain stores we don’t just push whatever product happened to be on yesterday’s daytime talk show. We hand pick and test everything. At Wild + Rooted, we combine ancient knowledge with modern research, aiming to nurture and restore balance in mind, body, and spirit. Our commitment is to sustainability and community and inspiring a deeper connection with nature and promote the profound wisdom passed down through generations.

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